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Medical Equipment & Supplies

LR carries a full line of medical equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

Medical Equipment Parts & Accessories

LR cannot be beat for medical device replacement parts and accessories.

Reconditioned Medical Equipment



LR Medical is your oxygen sensors superstore. We will not be undersold on oxygen sensors.


LR Medical distributes the entire line of CareFusion oxygen flow sensors from Becton Dickinson.

Flow Sensors for CareFusion

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We are a supplier of OEM parts for Hamilton Medical equipment.

Flow Sensors for Hamilton

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Whatever brand of ventilator you own, we have the flow sensors, parts and accessories you need to keep it operating perfectly.

Ventilator Flow Sensors and Accesories

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We are a major supplier of anesthesia machine parts and accessories. Call for a quote.

Anesthesia Machine Accessories

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Check out our completely line of Marquette oxygen flow sensors from GE Healthcare.

Flow Sensors for Marquette

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We carry the full line of Draeger flow sensors and accessories.

Flow Sensors for Draeger

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We have the parts you need for whatever equipment you have, from every major manufacturer of patient monitors.

Patient Monitor Spare Parts and Accessories

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Maxtec is the industry leader in oxygen sensors and oxygen detecting equipment. No one offers a more complete line, or more aggressive pricing.

Oxygen Sensors

Medical Equipment

America's Premier Supplier of Maxtec Oxygen Sensors

We carry the quality Maxtec oxygen sensors you need at the price you want. Call now for a custom quote.

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New Medical Equipment and Supplies

LR is a major dealer for Allied healthcare, Draeger, GE Medical Systems, Maxtec, Medtronic, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Medical, Welch-Allyn and many more.


America's Premier Oxygen Sensor and Medical Equipment Dealer

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LR Medical is America’s Leading Supplier of Maxtec Oxygen Sensors.

Oxygen sensors can be used in the medical, automotive, and scuba industries. Our oxygen sensor are highly-rate within the medical field. You will find that our reputable Maxtec dealer is number one in providing excellent products and exceptional customer service. We have a variety of products in different sizes with  various manufacturers. These oxygen sensors are sold to be replacements for your existing devices, pumps, concentrators, or any other machines that requires a replacement sensor. In regards to the sensors that are on our website, you will see that each one has its own warranty attached to the purchase and you will find specific information attached to each replacement. Our website also gives industry specifications on each sensor so that you know you are buying the correct replacement, and if a customer has any questions or concerns regarding the products they have purchased, they can enter their contact information in and one of our customer service representatives will quickly be in touch with them. 

LR Medical is a Major Supplier of New Medical Equipment and Supplies.

We also provide various medical equipment that can be used in hospital settings. We pride ourselves in knowing that our customer will be receiving quality equipment. Because some of our customers might confuse our website with emission control systems that take place in a car, we will be happy to tell you that these sensors are solely for anesthesia machines, respirators, and oxygen concentrators. We hope that our medical equipment will service exactly what you need, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or concern. In regards to any gas mileage or fuel consumption issues you might be having with your car, our oxygen sensors are not the ones for you.  We do apologize and hope that if you find yourself needing oxygen sensors for breathing or respiration needs, you'll revisit our website. 

LR Medical is a Major Supplier of New Medical Equipment and Supplies.

In addition to oxygen sensors, we also provide various medical equipment that can be used in hospital settings like heart and trauma rooms. Our business can provide you with anesthesia machines, patient monitors, ventilators, double or triple head lights, and surgical or hospital beds. Because our customers are our number one priority we have provided you with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our manufacturers include Welch-Allyn, GE, Maxtec, Philips, Drager, Nihon Kohden, and many more. We know that our brands are highly respected within the medical industry because we have done the research and it shows that customers want to see reputable manufacturers being sold to them. We provide some of the industry's top manufacturers and offer out customers the option to have their equipment installed or repaired, please contact us to find out more. 

LR Medical Services Every Brand of Medical Equipment.

Here at LR Medical Supplies we are known for providing some of the best medical equipment that is either new or reconditioned. Some of our suppliers include big names such as Welch-Allyn, GE, Criticare, Penlon, Datex-Ohmeda, and Philips. Since we provide some of the industry’s top equipment, we also offer our customers the option for us to install your new machine. We believe that by purchasing from a smaller business, like us, you will receive some of the best products in the industry along with the quality and care that every customer deserves. Our customer and technical support is like no other and we will guarantee that you will become a repeat customer again and again. 

LR Medical is Your Oxygen Sensor Expert.

Not to be confused with automotive industry, our oxygen sensors are replacements for equipment used in the medical industry. We are America’s premier resource for finding and buying Maxtec oxygen sensors. On our website, you can find the various sensors with detailed specifications for each replacement part. Our website contains all information regarding the oxygen sensors on a downloadable format so that our customers can easily keep and record all information on that specific item. Along with Maxtec being the best dealer of oxygen sensors, they also offer a full service on any product that you may purchase from them. The service department is highly trained and certified on each and every product they sell. LR offers technical support, preventative maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and sensor replacement. When it comes to oxygen sensors, LR is going to be your number one choice for any and all of your equipment needs. 


The Oxygen Sensors We Provide Are Not the Automotive Kind.

An oxygen sensor is commonly referred to as an “O2 sensor,” as O2 is the chemical for oxygen. While our oxygen sensors are used for medical devices, other ones are used in cars. In reference in automobiles, the amount of oxygen sensors in a vehicle can vary and cars nowadays are required to have an oxygen sensor and catalytic converter to help maintain the air to fuel ratio in a car engine. An oxygen sensor can keep your engine from running too lean or too rich. When it comes to cars, another word that can be used interchangeably with oxygen sensor is a lambda sensor. This was used as a means for better fuel consumption. We can see that the size, output, and need for oxygen sensors can vary based upon the machine you are using. Like previously stated, oxygen sensors can be used in car engines and for fuel consumption. LR’s oxygen sensors are only for medical equipment including oxygen analyzers, anesthesia monitors, respirators, and oxygen concentrators.


Contact LR Medical for Your Oxygen Sensor and Medical Equipment Needs. ​​​​

Don’t hesitate to call LR Medical to assist in any other issue that might arise when purchasing an oxygen sensor. We know that our products and services are unmatched and we look forward to helping each one of our customers in finding the correct product for their needs. LR Medical’s goal is to go above and beyond for each customer that way we become your number one resource for all medical supplies whether new or reconditioned. We are excited that you are considering us to provide you with exceptional equipment and oxygen sensors. 

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